Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mindy Shear Eye Shadow Palette Review by
Mindy Shear Eye Shadow Palette Review

I checked out Mindy Shear’s “Eye Shadow Palette 5 Colors with Double Brush” number 604. This product obviously could use a catchier name, but the texture of the mineral shadows and colors themselves caught my eye.
Palette number 604 looks like a very neutral set of tans and browns as it is pictured on the website. In real life, the five colors range from a soft, but deep, beige which is good for highlights (even on my pale-as-all-get-out skin), to an actually-neutral soft brown, to three shades of rust brown which range from light to dark.
These eyeshadows keep changing colors: they look different on the website than they do in reality (the colors aren’t shade-perfect in the graphic and the middle shade is pictured too light on the website) and it looked more rust/orange tinted on my skin than it did on the pallet.
I love, love the two neutral browns and the three rust tinted shades. The colors are totally fun and I can use the muted ones for day and add the more vibrant ones right on top for night and never have to wash my face and start over!
The texture of the shadows is soft and slightly powdery, which I like. The color lasted all day and night. These are cruelty-free of course and very portable – great for taking on the road. I recommend this palette and would definitely try other 5-color palettes made by Mindy Shear.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am a Deserving Diva!

I am very honored to be featured as a Deserving Diva!!

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